Should i “optimize Payments” or not

In case you switch on “Optimize Payments”, dynamiX will recommend an optimized amount for your monthly investments until retirement:

It is useful when you are unsure and need an indication for your monthly investment amount.

If you already know your monthly investment amount and you don’t want to change it, simply switch “Optimize Payments” off. dynamiX will then deliver the best recommendations for your strategy.

Which Strategy is behind “Unoptimized Payouts”

“Unoptimized Payouts” are computed from a cost-averaging strategy that is based on your current portfolio composition.

E.g. if you are currently holding 30% in equities, all future payments will be invested or disinvested with 30% equities.

I don’t Like Risk at All – Why Does dynamiX increase my risk level in some cases

dynamiX increases the risk level when your investment amounts are too low.

Otherwise, your planned retirement payouts are not reachable for your scenario.

Note that if your investment amounts are far too low, you won’t be able to achieve your planned payouts even with maximum risk.

Great, so I get Higher Payouts When I Use the Unoptimized Strategy – Why should I use the dynamiX Optimization then

In this case, you are investing too much in your scenario.

By using an optimized strategy recommended by dynamiX, you can invest less and still receive the same payouts.

Happy spending!