This is why your Retirement Plan is highly important for Stress Testing

The total amount of retirement investments exceeds the value of the current portfolio in many cases. Therefore, it is not sufficient to rebalance a portfolio today and then just keep investing.

In fact, in order to match your retirement needs, your portfolio needs to be rebalanced with every investment or payout you make. Scientific research showed that even small deviations in your risk and return profile can lead to big losses over decades.

That’s why your retirement plan is highly important for stress testing. dynamiX computes the best risk and return profile for your retirement needs in every point of time.

How to enter payment values

Tap on “Open” in the bar that you want to enter a value for.

You may then either enter the value directly by tapping on the value field. Tap on the check mark to make sure that your value will be used by dynamiX:

Or you can move the slider until your current value appears:

but how do i know which Payment Amounts i will need in the future

You already know by the amounts that you need today.

For example, if you currently need 2,000 per month for a living, just enter this amount in your “Retirement Payouts”. dynamiX will take care of any inflational effects – you don’t have to worry what the equivalent of 2,000 will be in 20 years or more.

You can do the same in the “Investments until Retirement” section as dynamiX will auto-adjust your investments for inflation.

Why can’t i enter any Currency information

We want to keep the usability as easy as possible – that’s why we don’t ask for currency information. Just enter the total values of your payments in your home currency and dynamiX will take care of the rest.

Why Are my Payments limited to 2k

There are only technical reasons why there is a limit of 2,000 for each payment.

In case your payments exceed this limit, you can easily rescale them by division.

For example, if you want to retrieve 4,000 per month after retiring: just divide that amount by 2 and you are fine. But please make sure that all amounts in the “Portfolio” and “Retirement Plan” sections are divided by 2 then to get proper results.