Independent, Reliable
Stress Testing

High-End Stress Testing.
In An Instant.

Real-Time Stress Testing
For Your Retirement Investments.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Expose your retirement investments to severe market movements like the subprime crisis. Learn how to position and secure your portfolio to reduce the risk of your retirement investments. Earn the highest returns based on future scenarios.

The XVESTOR.APP is your access to independent and reliable stress testing.

Free for Everyone.

And built for financial sustainability.

No Conflict of Interests

No product placements. No advertisements. No conflict of interests. Just pure, independent stress tests.

Zero Costs

Zero costs. I strongly believe that everyone deserves free access to stress testing.

Leading Scenario Engine

The XVESTOR.APP is empowered by dynamiX – the world’s first and leading scenario engine.

Stay Up-to-Date in the World of Financial Markets

Financial Knowledge packed in Compact Videos

Take a look behind the numbers and understand their principles. Enjoy deep-dive knowledge delivered in videos that are easy to understand. Be the first one to view new videos as they arrive.

Chat with Leading Scenario Engineer

Do you have questions? I will be more than happy to help you. Just open the chat function in the app and chat with me anytime. I will review your request and taylor my ideas to your specific issue. The chat function is exclusively available to app users.

Investing should be Reliable, Fair and Transparent to Everyone.

My name is Thomas and my mission is to make investing reliable, fair and transparent to everyone.

My mission is to establish #NEWFINANCE.

During the last years, I was not really satisfied with the products that were available to me as a retirement investor. That’s why I started building dynamiX – the world’s first scenario engine for stress tests. I’ve found it so helpful that I decided to make dynamiX available to everyone.  Feel free to use it for your retirement investments whenever you like. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

Before releasing XVESTOR.APP, I’ve worked as a financial engineer for more than 11 years, including positions at Goldman Sachs and Allianz Global Investors. I also researched and lectured on capital markets at University of Tübingen where I received a PhD in Financial Engineering (summa cum laude). Before, I received a Diploma in Business Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (with Award for the Best Thesis of the Faculty).

But nothing matters as much as results. Please let me know in case you see room for improvements. I will do my best to make XVESTOR.APP the best financial app for everyone.